071228 I have found some new information about Axel Alfred Sell and his family.

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 Axel Alfred Säll (Sell) 1857- 1933

 Emigrated 1883 from Klockaregården, Nottebäck parish to Stillwater, Minnesota.
 He went with the steamship Orlando to Hull in England, and then from Liverpool to US,
 He have to change his surname from Säll to Sell when he arrived to US.

 He lived in Stephen, Minnesota. A town 65 km south of the Canadian border.
 He got married in 1893 with Emma (1869 - 1909) she was also from Småland.
 They got 8 children:
 Mable, Alpha, Alfred, Vivian, Gladys, Myrtha, Marg. and Almeda

 Axel lived when census 1930 was done, he probably died in Montana 8/11 1933

 The son,  Alfred Martin join the army to worldwar one 5th june 1918, see the registration card below (click for bigger pic.)

 Alfred died 28th jan 1976 in Blaine, Montana.

 The daugther Gladys Cecelia moved to Whittier, Los Angeles, 1930 was she lodge with Nicholas and Emma Berger in Whittier,
 Los Angeles.
 Gladys died 11th may 1982 in Whittier, Los Angeles, California